“I am Light and Love”


IMG_8962Do you think you are LOVE?

Say “I am Light and Love” and mean it!  Say it several times.

You may not “think” you are because you have a split mind!

It loves this one and hates that one!

But Love is REAL and it is the TRUTH.

Hate is false and it is of the ego (split) which is not “I” or YOUR TRUE SELF.

That makes hate false and not worthy of you fine beautiful mind!

Focus on the LOVE and let the HATE go…..away with the wind.

The “I” which says “I” is not the true I.

The “I” which simply is –  never separate from nor different than the present moment, which also simply is….. That is who you truly are.

Whenever you hear the thought “I”, as in “I want”, “I need”, “I am angry, happy etc..” recognize that is the (ego) mind-made self, the false self, and let that recognition be a reminder to regain awareness of That which simply is, ever-present Presence, The Self.  Quote: Avi Birnkrant


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