Suicide is tragic!

Suicide is TRAGIC! It creates a terrible pain that never goes away.

A Course In Miracles says there is no death! You cannot die because

you are Eternal. But you are here to learn lessons. Learn them now!

Whatever the lesson in front of you, view it through the Love in your Mind.

Yes, you have a MIND! Access that holy part that is YOU and look at

the lessons you have decided (on some level) to face in life!

Be brave! You are not your ego and it is not your friend.

visit – – click on workbook lessons and start with lesson 1.


You are loved – you just don’t know it or feel it but you will. TRUST.

Join me in this Holy Place and let’s talk about it. Bare your soul, I will

hear you and you will receive a message…..listen quietly!

God is listening. Hear his wise words softly spoken.

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