Still Hurts – Two years later


It has been two years this month since our son took his life.

He was 42 years old; married with young children;

successful energetic guy; he worked at AT&T; he was an athlete;

rode Mountain Bikes; was a health nut;

took supplements and he also was an alcoholic.

After going through re-hab, we thought he was out of the woods with alcohol

but then the panic attacks started.

They say panic attacks won’t kill you…..but they were sever and

unmanageable.  He did not want to go back to re-hab and risk losing his job

so he did the only thing he could do to stop them.  Leave his body!

Panic attacks do “kill” – don’t let anyone tell you they don’t.

Get help if you have them.  Find the place of peace in your mind.

It awaits YOU.  It is there.

Re-entering re-hab could have saved his life but he didn’t want to take

time off work or want his employer to know…… and risk losing his job…..

he lost his life instead.  That is what alcohol can do.

It takes away your reasoning power.

It eats your brain and you don’t realize what is happening.

It is slow, a glass of beer, a little glass of wine, then two, maybe three?

Get Help – You are worth it.  People will be devastated with the loss of YOU!

You are LOVED you don’t realize how much.

Don’t let alcohol RUIN your life – Don’t let it RUN your life!

Whose in charge of YOU?  You are…..You are not the addiction!

Alcohol or YOU?  Don’t let it kill you……because it will.

It tries to out smart you……you out smart it instead!

Go to AA – Drop the ego – it is false anyhow – it is not YOU!


5 thoughts on “Still Hurts – Two years later

  1. Dear Author:

    Thank you for writing your blog. It has been very helpful to me as a long-time Course student, still uncovering deeper and deeper experiences in my travels through the world.

    I think I will always remember your site-name, and look forward to visiting it from time to time. Words are inadequate to express what I want to say..



    1. Hi Prego – Thank you – This year – 2021 it will be nine years! The trauma lessens a bit each year but hard to really KNOW
      there is no death. Since you mentioned the Course, I also have another blog and use the same material in
      both except the one for Suicide I try and enhance a bit. I hope all is well with you wherever you are! This reminds me I haven’t posted in awhile. Big Blessings, Sally


      1. Oct 30th, 2021.
        Hi Sally –
        Got your new blog post today. Nice to hear from (you/your site). I am now in NYC. Where the Course was born. Have been practicing it more deeply every day. I like your idea of Storing the Moments of Love in our Storage Locker.

        Better than the auto-storage method the Ego thrives on. 🙂
        Happy Saturday.


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