The Hush of Heaven is for You


Lesson 286 in the A Course In Miracles Workbook is:

The Hush of Heaven Holds My Heart Today

No matter what you are going through, the hush of Heaven is holding your heart.

You may not realize it, perhaps you are worried or despondent.

Still, the hush of Heaven is holding your Heart.

Our lives become complicated, chaos can be all around us but

The Hush of Heaven is always there.

It is there for you to Welcome It.  That is all you need do –

close your eyes right now and Welcome Heaven’s Hush.

Thank you, your release has released me as well.

Go to

click on Workbook Lessons

click on contents and go to Lesson 286.  Click on “hear” and let the gift of

this lesson flow over you.

When the worries come……remember Heaven’s Hush.

You are Loved.