New Year Promise


January 3, 2017!!

What a trickster time is!

“For what is time without a past and future?  It has taken time to misguide you so completely, but

it takes no time at all to be what you are. Begin to practice the Holy Spirit’s use of time as a

teaching aid to happiness and peace.  Take this very instant, now, and think of it as all there is of

time.  Nothing can reach you here out of the past, and it is here that you are completely absolved,

completely free and wholly without condemnation.  From this holy instant wherein holiness was

born again you will go forth in time without fear and with no sense of change with time.” 

The above quote is from A Course In Miracles, Chapter 15. The Holy Instant, Section I. The Two Uses of Time, p.9. 2-7.

And what are you?  The ego is a trickster, it uses time to age us (we think we are bodies); heap regrets and guilt; plant the seeds of self doubt and or grandiosity; keep us in fear of the future by reminding us of the dreaded past and we are suffocated by grievances we have promised never to overlook or forgive.  The ego doesn’t know what you are!

But to know who you are, chose to use the Holy Spirit’s practice of accepting the holy instant as soon as you become upset and remember “God Is” present at this very moment – your mind is free.  Sometimes when I am aggravated, beyond words I repeat “God Is” quickly, about 10 to 20 times!  It shifts me from the ego to the Holy Spirit, from Hell to Heaven.  Does it last – no!  But gradually, little by little, I have Faith that I am ascending the ladder and One Day, One Fine Day,  I will reach True Perception and the Real World.

My New Year’s Promise:  To use the Holy Instant and remember when upset, to STOP and take that very instant and think of it as being “Out of Time”- no past, no future, just God Is, God Is, God Is!  This is what the Course calls the Atonement: Remembering that the “seeming” separation from God is an illusion!  Not True!

When I remember God Is, I cannot think of hurting myself because I want to be in the Holy Instant, In Peace where eventually I will reach the Real World of True Perception.

Bless you in 2017 and for that matter – for eternity!

For more information about the Course check the following websites:

Extinguish the Ego


The part of our mind that makes us miserable is the ego.

It is not you! We have a split mind; the ego and love!

Watch your mind and you will see the dual systems; the love and the hate.

You are not the ego! You are the Love!

Extinguish it! It keeps you in knots!

It makes you feel dull, twisted and ignorant of your Innocence!

The way extinguish it is to WATCH it – observe it – just LOOK.

That’s it! Just Look – “There is that judgmental ego thought again.”

And then LET the thought GO! Observe and let go…..repeat…..repeat…..repeat!

Don’t allow yourself to judge it!


If you judge it, it has you hooked back into its way to thinking!

Everyone – Absolutely everyone has an Ego that nags at them!

Yes they do!

They might not admit it but it is in their minds causing them to

judge you – everyone else – and blaming every else for their problems.

Cease judgment; Cease the ego and you have PEACE! Stop it by looking at it!

When we stop the ego we have more peace and Love enters!

Acceptance enters stage right! Ego departs stage left!

When we let the ego go Love fills the void! The ego obliterates LOVE!

Go to A Course In Miracles

Click on workbook lessons

Click on lesson 273 – The Stillness of the Peace of God is Mine!
Sit back and click on “hear” and listen with your heart!

You know you are Loved when you are ego free!