Have a Heart


Mt. Shasta's HeartHave a Heart!  Mt. Shasta’s heart.   Remember: Go your heart, the love within is your guide!

We live in a dualistic world: war and peace; hot and cold, short and tall and the list goes on. We also have a dualist mind that contains two thought systems: the voice of the ego or the voice of the Holy Spirit, truth and peace.

Watch your thoughts and you will figure out which voice you listen to.

The bad news is that the ego is the default system that is always running.  It is the voice that makes you miserable.  Do not listen to it.

The good news is that YOU are the one with the remote! You are in charge of changing channels.

We are listening to the ego’s sly thoughts when our judgments are of someone or yourself. Worried or fearful thoughts of guilt or envy are certainly egoic thoughts. However, they are just thoughts. You don’t have to believe them. Ask yourself: How do I feel? To my mind the ego is always comparing, sizing up the situation, and a master at separating us from others.

For example one night I woke up worried about a planned trip. I could see my mind was going crazy with various scenarios and worry. However, I was worried about something that was in the future. I was projecting fear into the future. The ego went crazy building the case that I was going to miss my plane, or get air sick or stuck in bad weather, etc. I finally realized what was happening and changed channels. I repeated my favorite mind calming phrase “I rest in God” from Workbook lesson 109 and went to sleep. Choosing peace is a practice and a decision.

This example clearly shows that there is a part of the mind that is separate from the ego. It is the decision maker within that chooses, when you are aware enough, and you realize you are not at peace. Always ask: “How do I feel?” If not peaceful then it is up to you to change your thoughts.

I am forever and always inspired by A Course In Miracles,  and in particular Lesson #106.


Let me be still and listen to the truth.

“If you will lay aside the ego’s voice, however loudly it may seem to call; if you will not accept its petty gifts that give you nothing that you really want; if you will listen with an open mind, that has not told you what salvation is; then you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in Its messages.”


Your Holy Mind

Man & God

You are a Holy Son of God!  You might not feel like it or believe it but read on.

The part of you that is Holy is your Mind.

The Mind is neither male nor female.

Your identity is not the body but the Mind that inhabits it.

You are a Holy Son of God whether you are male, female, or LGBT, depressed, bi-polar,

PTSD or are living with any and ALL conditions that we encounter in life .

As a Mind you are loved, innocent, changeless and eternal like God.  We take care of our bodies since we find ourselves here and since it is the “vehicle” we use to learn the lessons we came to learn.

Why do we have these lessons?

No one knows the answer to that or what our individual script contains, or what is to come or what lessons we came here to learn.

Except know this: Whatever is before you, see it as lesson you came to learn.

The key is this: Know we DO have a choice in HOW we understand, perceive, interpret and respond to the lessons.

Do we avoid and deny lessons or do we face them while accessing the holiness that dwells in our mind and holds the compassion needed for guidance and inner peace.  We wonder why we have this script, or why do we have the life we have.  It is not knowable.  But it has been chosen and written by us so we cannot blame whatever comes whether it is a tragedy, joyous, challenging or sorrowful.

In all circumstances we quite ourselves and invite the Holy Spirit within to help us see through the lens of Love and Truth; the Truth that God gave through the help that resides within your Mind.

The key is in correcting our “feeling”  and “thinking” that we are separate from God.  If we forgive ourselves for that “mistaken belief” because that is all it is, we return to the peace that we were born to know and realize no matter what our script/life may be.

We sleep; we dream the dream of the world and all the various scripts however, it is time to awaken!

Lesson 45 in A Course In Miracles “God is the Mind with which I think”

To hear this lesson, one of 365, go to http://www.acim.org

on the left column click “online lessons”

then “workbook table of contents” then scroll to lesson number 45.

Click on “hear” and close your eyes.

To find a study group for ‘A Course In Miracles’ in your area go to:


other Course sites to visit:



We are One – You are Loved

The Spiritual book, A Course In Miracles says we are One!

Like the flowers on this Pink Anemone – we are connected through the stems and roots, making us One!

Recently in Roseburg Oregon, a 26 year old man killed 9 plus himself, and injured others.

Am I One with the murderer?

Yes, I am One – We are One.

I am one with those murdered.

We are all brothers and sisters, together, on this journey called life.

We are here to learn lessons and yes, we are  aghast and horrified

at what has happened but we are honest and we look at the projections

we place on others and……. we withdraw them.

We need to recognize anyone can be and is capable of murder.

We forgive.  We understand.


We know anger, we know fear and rage comes from within.

It is not who WE or THEY are!

We are beautiful spiritual beings having an experience of living in a body.

We need to know what our ego mind is capable of, and how it  manipulates

so we will never follow it.   We are Love. You are Love.

You are Loved.

Your true identity as Loving Spirit would never kill or harm anyone or yourself.

Our compassion goes to those families who grieve, the Roseburg

Community and to the perpetrator’s family and friends as well.

We do not understand this world or why things like this happen.

If we constantly practice forgiveness  – JOY will be present in our Mind.

When we Give forgiveness……we Receive and Experience forgiveness.

You are forgiven!  Case Dismissed! Nothing has happened and you are loved!

Give only Love for that is what you are.

A Course In Miracles, Workbook Lesson 190 – I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

To read or hear this lessons, \go to http://www.acim.org

On the left column, click on “Online lessons” and then Table of Contents:  Scroll to 190.

Click on the arrow “hear” and have it read to you – close you eyes.


We are One  – like these raspberries, feeling separate yet connected to the stems, and roots

always and forever…..still connected!

The Hush of Heaven is for You


Lesson 286 in the A Course In Miracles Workbook is:

The Hush of Heaven Holds My Heart Today

No matter what you are going through, the hush of Heaven is holding your heart.

You may not realize it, perhaps you are worried or despondent.

Still, the hush of Heaven is holding your Heart.

Our lives become complicated, chaos can be all around us but

The Hush of Heaven is always there.

It is there for you to Welcome It.  That is all you need do –

close your eyes right now and Welcome Heaven’s Hush.

Thank you, your release has released me as well.

Go to http://www.acim.org

click on Workbook Lessons

click on contents and go to Lesson 286.  Click on “hear” and let the gift of

this lesson flow over you.

When the worries come……remember Heaven’s Hush.

You are Loved.


Suicide Hurts


If you are contemplating suicide know that you are not alone.

Everyone has thought about it. We know at some level that this world is
not our TRUE home but you cannot get to your TRUE home until you learn
the lessons you came here to learn.

So get busy!

Don’t listen to your ego and GIVE UP!

The ego will drive you crazy!

Don’t listen!

There is another voice in your head and it is the voice for love.

The ego hates it and will try and drown it out.

You don’t have to listen to it. You have a MIND that can say:


This old snag of a tree is like our ego thoughts – all tangled and old and withered!


Go to http://www.acim.org and click on the workbook lessons on the left side column.

Click on lesson No. 10 My thoughts do not mean anything.

Click on hear and close your eyes.

Ego thoughts do not mean anything. They are plentiful. They are constant. They are wrong.

Search for the thoughts in your mind that DO mean something. They are there!

They usually consist of appreciation, love, compassion, understanding and mercy.

Be Merciful to Your Self – face those lessons!

We all came here to learn lessons. All lessons are easier while holding the hand of love!

P.S. You are Loved! Yes you are!