Suicide is not wrong……


Suicide is not wrong but it is tragic!

The book, A Course In Miracles, tells us that there is no death.

You cannot die because you are Eternal. You have a body and it will die

but Your True Identity as Spirit will never die.

You are here to learn lessons. Whatever lesson confronts you that is

causing you pain, look at it with the Holy Spirit in your MIND.

We have a split mind: The Holy Spirit and the ego. You are the one who

decides which part of your mind to listen to. If you listen to the ego

you are in pain. If you listen to the Holy Spirit you will find answers to

the lessons you came to learn.

Go to and click on workbook lessons and choose 101

Do it today!

You are loved!



Come to this holy place, I will meet you there. Close your eyes and listen carefully

to the voice for love within, and you will learn why you are here.