Peace is Within You


img_3484In a quote I saw recently, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”  To “make peace with ourselves” we have to look at “what we think” and “watch” our thoughts and judgments.

Our thoughts and judgments are what make us peaceful or perturbed, they are our projections.  What we THINK IS UP TO US!  Right now our political world is going through a change, a convulsion.  I can have peace within if I remember that is my goal.

Peace comes through watching our judgments and projections.  This  is a gift to yourself, to your family, community and the entire world.  For example, when looking at a judgment about anyone, turn it around and make it about yourself as well.  This is hard because the idea about “seeing something out there” means I do not want to “see it in here – in me.”  That is why we PROJECT it out. For example our President makes judgments about people all the time.  I may think it is terrible but don’t I do the same thing?  I don’t put them on twitter or TV and I don’t have the same exact thoughts as he but I do judge.  What is important is WATCHING and CATCHING and KNOWING and OBSERVING the ego thought projections so I will REALIZE what I am doing.

Most of us keep our judgments to ourselves or we share them with a close friend.  Most of us were taught “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.”  Or “keep quiet and look intelligent but open your mouth and look stupid.”  But even when we think it – the judgment, it still in the mind and it is still separation, condemnation and attack.

We all have judgments and that is why the Dalai Lama says we can never obtain outer peace until we make peace within ourselves.  For peace within, we need to be vigilant for the judgments, own them, stop projecting and in so doing you are no longer in the misery of blame, condemnation or separation.   We all have an ego.  The ego mind separates and the way to peace is to watch it, look at it with the goodness i.e. the Holy Spirit in your Holy Mind and by bringing it to consciousness, it is gradually seen for what it is and diminished.

I  need to realize that I will be miserable if I continue to judge the President (or anyone including myself) and therefore watch my thoughts to be sure that I do not exclude anyone.  Only loving thoughts reflect Truth and all other thoughts are from the false self or the ego.

I also need to stop judging myself and remember the Goodness within is WHO I am.  If so inclined I may want to protest the President policies but if I do I must remember to not be attached to the outcome!  If I want peace I must remember, inner peace is my goal and all that I want.

Ken Wapnick, Ph.D. – visit – For books, recordings on the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical book A Course In Miracles and workshops by his staff. – see lessons in the workbook section.  One lesson for every day of the year.  Today is Lesson 28. Above all else I want to see things differently

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