Can Peace Be Found in this World?


When we look out at the world, the problems, the Presidential Election, no matter which one you like or dislike…..and we wonder……where is the PEACE?

Peace can be found but IT is not found in the world.  Well you say, what about the quiet stream and the birds singing and the flowers and the walk in the woods.

Yes, some remnants of peace can be found in the world BUT…..for how long?  Snippets at a time.

Then what are your thoughts about as you sit by the steam?  What are you thinking about?  When you took the kids fishing and….. OH….and that son is now dead.  Where is the peace?

Peace can only be found when we FORGIVE EVERYTHING and FORGIVE OURSELVES from thinking I am a separate little EGO and a lonely little person and instead remember:

“I could choose peace instead of this thought.”  Then the thought doesn’t matter.  Yes that son is now dead but A Corse In Miracles says there is no death in this world.

This world is not REAL.

Yes, this world has betrayal, upsets, even fun, excitement, danger, competition and strife but the only way to BE in the WORLD but NOT of IT is to remember with the help of that tiny small voice found only inside:

RISE above the BATTLEGROUND……this is NOT ALL THERE IS.  Yes you may be looking at devastation but this world is not REAL.

PEACE is within and what is found within is that still small voice that reminds you there is TRUTH and it is not here…..but it is REAL.  God IS

Peace can be found in a Spiritual Path….that is where GOD IS.

There are thousands of Universal paths….and they all say “The Son of God is innocent.”

One path to Peace is: A Course In Miracles  (Ken Wapnick books and tapes found here)   (You can find a list of the world wide study groups on this website)


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