Hate has no business here.


The above is posted to the Presbyterian Church door in Ashland, OR

We are born into a dualistic world of opposites, life and death; love and hate. We are programed by our family, culture and society and it serves to “entombed” us in our individual lives.  The tomb protects us but it also functions to deceive and keep us separate.  We accept the programming of our “tombs” and our lives and wonder why we continue to feel depressed, persecuted or alone.  We feel bereft of love and at the same time afraid of it.

In the Easter Story, Jesus was certainly hated but he refused to return it and offered only love and forgiveness.  Overcoming hate then, is our resurrection from the tomb.  We are resurrected from the programming of the dark tomb we inhabit and like Jesus we offer tolerance, love and yes forgiveness too.   We roll the rock away and free our lives and our spirit from the tight grip of egoic judgment and hatred.  Our mind then opens to the clarity of healing light.  We come here to overcome the programming and refuse one unkind thought about anyone or anything anywhere. All hate is of the ego; all love is of God.

We are afraid of love because the ego or shadow part of our dualistic mind judges and finds fault with things.  You cannot love something you’ve previously condemned.  As soon as we think we are happy, we are not.  How long have you been happy after you bought the new: ______fill in the blank?  There is always something more.  We walk a lonely road in the dark woods of separation seeking, never finding and at times feel crucified.

There is a way out of the dark woods.  You find your way out by finding the love and light is ONLY within YOU and  no where else.  Check out the nearest A Course In Miracles study group near you.

Find one at http://www.miraclecenter.org

Go to http://www.acim.org

Online lessons and click on Lesson 57.  I am not the victim of the world I see

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