Happy New Year! “The Force is WITHIN you.”


Happy New Year!  “The Force is within you.”

As a Star Wars fan and an advocate for peace, it is hard to watch the violence in the movie.  But after all it is called “wars” so what else could I expect.

The one characteristic of the Star Wars saga that interests me is the concept of the “Force.”  It is the promise of wisdom and innate goodness of this mystery that I associate with a loving, all knowing God.

I think most of us believe in a God of some sort but there is no scientific proof.  However if you have had a revelation or mystical experience, you don’t need proof, you know God is.  If God is the “force” of love that we share and give then: God Is.  God must be that beautiful mysterious energy or force that gave the spark of love and light that resides in every soul.

God is the force and it is IN you.

That is why the force is with you.  God is with you…..always.

God is the love guiding the helping hand.  Many have been mistreated and have hardened themselves saying if evil exists there must not be a God.  But buried within the soul is the love that came with birth and cannot be ignored because it curiously pulls us ever closer.

Make 2016 a Guilt Free Year!  Whenever a guilty thought comes up, wash it with the Force of good that you are!  The awakening process is looking at anything that is not loving and saying “not true.”   You are not guilty no matter what you “think” or what you “believe” or what your ego tries to make you believe.

God, the Force, is the Love within and the eternal “see-er” holding the lamp of truth. Love cannot be squashed or eliminated as it is eternal.

The Force is within you, love is within you, remember that when you get depressed or discouraged!  Never forget it!

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