Forgive for Holiday Peace


The Holidays CAN be stressful but YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF


Let’s face it; some people we like and some we don’t.  If we can understand however that it is the thought “I like or dislike” in the mind that is causing the problem.  You can change it.  It is just a thought and is it really true?

Be open. First of all admit you are unhappy about something.  For example: You have a relative or someone who really bugs you, he/she is a loud mouth, controlling, conniving busy body.

When you have a few minutes to spare this Holiday Season sit down, be still and take a few deep breaths until you feel calmer. Stay focused on that quiet safe place inside.  Imagine you are holding the hand of Love/Spirit/God, whatever compassion and love represents for you.

Stay quiet for a while and then tell Love, whose hand you are holding, what is on your heart, how do you feel?  Perhaps:  “Aunt Julia drives me crazy with her constant badgering questions and I want peace.  I’m afraid I may blow up.  How can I see her/this differently?”

Then wait and look and continue to stay quiet.  Watch your thoughts.   A thought will come, maybe in the next few minutes, an hour or maybe days later but stay open, hang tight!

The “ah ha” thought you’ve asked for will come and will bring peace.  If the thought does not bring peace, it is not from Love but is from the ego, the part of our mind that likes to holds the gavel.

This is forgiveness.  It is withdrawing the judgment and looking with the eyes of love and compassion.

See A Course In Miracles

Lesson 121 – Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

You are loved.  You are so precious to someone that if something happened to you their heart would break.  Go tell them you love them!

Let their Love In.



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