Extinguish the Ego


The part of our mind that makes us miserable is the ego.

It is not you! We have a split mind; the ego and love!

Watch your mind and you will see the dual systems; the love and the hate.

You are not the ego! You are the Love!

Extinguish it! It keeps you in knots!

It makes you feel dull, twisted and ignorant of your Innocence!

The way extinguish it is to WATCH it – observe it – just LOOK.

That’s it! Just Look – “There is that judgmental ego thought again.”

And then LET the thought GO! Observe and let go…..repeat…..repeat…..repeat!

Don’t allow yourself to judge it!


If you judge it, it has you hooked back into its way to thinking!

Everyone – Absolutely everyone has an Ego that nags at them!

Yes they do!

They might not admit it but it is in their minds causing them to

judge you – everyone else – and blaming every else for their problems.

Cease judgment; Cease the ego and you have PEACE! Stop it by looking at it!

When we stop the ego we have more peace and Love enters!

Acceptance enters stage right! Ego departs stage left!

When we let the ego go Love fills the void! The ego obliterates LOVE!

Go to A Course In Miracles http://www.acim.org

Click on workbook lessons

Click on lesson 273 – The Stillness of the Peace of God is Mine!
Sit back and click on “hear” and listen with your heart!

You know you are Loved when you are ego free!


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