The Gift of Addictions

It may seem strange to look at our problems or addictions as gifts but they are life’s lessons so if we consider them “gifts” we can learn something on the journey.


We live in a dualistic world and have a dualistic mind. It contains both aspects of: “good” and “bad.” Remember the cartoon of Donald Duck with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? He was conflicted over which one to listen to. We knew which one was the voice of Truth or love. Donald always struggled!
And like Donald, we have the power to choose between these two very different thought systems: spirit and love or fear and hate.

The fear/hate aspect thoughts are of the ego and it runs the world. That sounds strong but the DNA of the ego is attack. The proof is the ceaseless wars since the beginning of existence. This world is not civilized. We attack others and declare war.

We attack ourselves through addictions. The result is always guilt and anger.
What we learn on our life journey is that the ego is not our friend. It is not WHO we are or our identity or Truth either.
We give it power when we listen to it, follow it or believe it. When YOU take charge of your MIND, YOU take the ego’s power away.


This is the wisdom of many psychological and spiritual practices, Buddhism, A Course In Miracles or AA to name a few. The ego cannot change or affect the peace of love within you. For example, the ego mind tells us we have done something wrong, we over indulged; smoked a cigarette; too many drinks; snapped at a friend, or ______fill in the blank. We feel guilty. Guilt is the trap. We go around smiling but deep down we feel terrible thinking -“if they only knew.” Feeling guilty is the ego’s ace in the hole! “Trapped, trapped like rats” said the cowardly Lion in the movie the Wizard of OZ.

Here is a check list the next time you feel trapped and want to STOP the guilt.

1. Go to the Stately Calm Within. As soon as you realize you are suffering and your mind is going around in a maze STOP. Focus on the breath, center and stop thinking…..just breathe – focus!

2. Imagine holding the hand of Love. Unconditional, all knowing eternal LOVE, whatever that represents for you; Presence; God; Jesus; Allah; Spirit or Buddha. You can think “Love” no matter what you are doing.

3. Tell LOVE what is in your heart “Love, I really wanted that chocolate cake or _____.” Tell LOVE everything and be honest, “I was depressed because I didn’t get that job or he hurt my feelings, or_______.”

4. You have looked squarely into your Beautiful Mind and given its contents to LOVE. You left the ego sucking its thumb. It will come up with plenty of negative chatter. Thoughts from love will always speak of peace. Perhaps you will make amends to someone. A thought of condemnation about yourself or anyone is the ego speaking guilt. Let the ego go it does not love you! It is not True and you are still LOVE.

5. Now laugh! Start with a phony laugh, “heh, har, ha, hah, ho, ho” and soon you will really be laughing. Maybe you will feel like crying! Go ahead, do it and then laugh! This takes the seriousness out of the ego’s sails.
If you “slip up” it is only the ego returning your mind to guilt. Repeat the above steps.


Looking honestly at yourself is a practice of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is still and does nothing. It merely looks and waits and judges not.” A Course In Miracles Workbook pg. 401.

This is Mind training and you are in charge. This is why additions are a gift. You now can “see” and you get your MIND back. We all have addictions or problems in this world.
Gradually YOU take control.

You are in charge when you remember LOVE is who you are.

Ego Be Gone – You are healed, whole and innocent!

The ego, the creator of in the Mind, does not want you to WAKE UP, to heal!

Don’t let it win. You are in CHARGE of your LIFE!

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