Your Assignment…. NOW


Your assignment is not to find a way OUT but to look at the way FORWARD.
To find the way forward look at the ego’s gyrations, all the painful thoughts, the seeming problems and issues and JUST……… wait……. and…… judge….. not.
Take three big BIG deep breaths. You need air and hydration to quiet the ego.

When we are still and STOP and go within and clear the thoughts, focus on the breath and not the thoughts we are quieting the mind enough to hear the still small voice of Spirit that is always there. It is waiting for an opportunity to offer its peaceful guidance and to be heard. Everyone has it. So do you. It offers you a hand out of pain. This voice will always speak of peace – it is your TRUTH.

Its guidance will be a quiet little peaceful thought (careful, you might miss it) and it may not come right away. It cannot come when the ego is screaming. When you still all the ego chatter and it will it be there. You quiet and subdue the ego chatter by not heeding it or acknowledging it or letting its thoughts pull you into a boiling brew. Just notice them, let them go and wait. Like watching the clouds move across the sky of your mind.

*A Course In Miracles Lesson 84
Love holds no grievances.
Grievances are completely alien to love. Grievances attack love and keep its light obscure. If I hold grievances I am attacking love, and therefore attacking my Self. My Self thus becomes alien to me. I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember Who I am.
These specific forms for applying this idea would be helpful:

My problems are not WHO I am. I will no deny my loving Self.
I will not use this problem ________ to attack love within me.
Let this _________not tempt me to attack myself.

That is Grace. God Is.


click on “hear lesson”

When you hear the little voice, write it down. Keep a notebook of the wisdom that comes from within. It is priceless. It is always there if you listen.


This tree, like God does not keep score. You are innocent and Loved.

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